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What honors has Cheer obtained?
As a professional brand of Cheer, Cheer has been regarded as an outstanding representative for bringing customers economic benefits and making a great contribution to the market as well. While creating interests for cooperative partners, the brand takes initiatives to assume responsibility for global consumers and also the environments. Abiding by the business principle of "people-oriented" and quality first", our brand aims to spread our honesty and integrity to the public. At the moment, our brand has been widely recognized and affirmed by the society and global market, and has won numerous awards approved by authorities.

Shanghai Cheer Instrument Co., Ltd is a high step, fast developing, export-oriented young company. Cheer Instrument has created a number of successful series, and electronic pipette controller is one of them. The production of Cheer automated liquid handling needs various sophisticated equipment, including heat sealing machine, air mold welding machine, air mold edge sealing machines, etc. Choose SHCHEER, Choose higher precision. This product has extra strength and damage resistance for both itself and the items inside. The designed corrugated walls act as the rib cage of the container, protecting external forces from its internal organs. All for better liquid handling experience.

Our Research & Development department plays a central role in achieving our business objectives. Their high level of expertise and experience are put to good use in shaping the development process. Inquiry!
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