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Prism Mini Centrifuge

by:Cheer     2020-09-30

Cheap Mini 4000RPM Laboratory Electric Centrifuge Medical Practice Machine Lower-velocity Desktop Centrifuge With Timer Wholesale. The MyFuge™ Mini Centrifuge features a second rotor that is designed for holding PCR tubes and PCR strips. The rotor is conveniently stored in a backside compartment on the underside of the centrifuge. To entry this rotor, turn the machine upside down and remove it from the compartment.

Storage and dishing out is made straightforward with our numerous line of MVE and Taylor Wharton aluminum dewars and our cryoshippers will hold your material protected and frozen for those priceless samples that have to be transported anyplace in the world. These low-profile LN2 freezers coupled with our freezer racks will maximize your storage capability whether storing cryo packing containers, vials, straws or blood luggage. In addition, they use as little liquid nitrogen as possible, but still preserving long-lasting hold times, offering you with secure cryogenic storage situations on your priceless organic samples. Just click the View Details button above for extra details about our product.

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