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Pipette Stands

by:Cheer     2020-10-05

Thanks to its good and handy design AHN Pipette Stand line could be simply assembled and disassembled for cleaning purposes. Gather your pipettes on the 6 place variable or fastened place pipette stand and remove the need of separate stands for single and multi-channel pipettes. Four color options are available starting from white, black, clear and magenta.

Pipette stand made of high quality, chemical resistant polypropylene. This stand includes a weighted base, and a draining disc with 4mm pilot holes used to rest the pipette ideas and permit liquids to empty down. The prime disc holds pipettes of varying sizes - 10 holes measure 13mm, and 18 measure eleven.5mm. The discs can be adjusted on the middle rod based on the length of the pipettes. AHN Pipette Stand line allows you secure and easy dealing with and storage of your pipettes.

These adjustable pipette stands present a frame for pipettes with two rotating perforated plates and a drip pan, which protects the tips of the pipettes and collects liquid because it drips off. The holders are appropriate for as much as 40 pipettes of various sizes up to a max diameter of 18 mm. They are appropriate for drying and save space by storing pipettes, thermometers, test tubes, and related items. The base consists of a sturdy, four-legged pedestal to forestall overturning. The height of the holding plates may be adjusted utilizing one hand and magnets eliminate the need for clamps or screws.

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Pipette racks/stands/holders/doodads are designed to retailer pipets for instant use. They're sometimes manufactured from plastic (usually polypropylene) for sturdiness & safety, and so they're sometimes placed on a benchtop.
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