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Liquid Handling Company Launches New Corporate Brand

by:Cheer     2020-08-07

Contact us should you need assistance with plate washers, dispensers, thermal cycler, sealers or storage. Gilson develops liquid handling, purification, and extraction solutions with a concentrate on serving to the life scientist at the bench obtain more productive research and verifiable data.

In order to satisfy the wants of these complex and extremely regulated industries, we rely on highly developed methods that function on the foremost level of quality, security and effectivity. Manufacturer of ordinary and customized liquid handling tools and methods including oil containment booms, absorbents, turbidity limitations, and baffle methods. Liquid dealing with equipment & systems are available with 3-axis robotic arms, coupled syringe pumps, exterior computer managed valves & actuators, 96 properly microplates, take a look at tubes, bottles & vials. A fast overview of the principle functions of liquid dealing with automation, from pattern preparation to the reformatting of microplates. We provide PM, Repair and IQ/OQ of all main brands of liquid dealing with robots (Agilent, Beckman, Caliper-Perkin Elmer, Tecan, extra).

As an Applications Scientist at Artel, she leverages her extensive scientific data to provide personalized solutions to complex liquid handling points and optimize assay workflows to be able to maximize productivity and data integrity. Experience with using or implementing automation solutions on BioMek and PerkinElmer Sciclone liquid dealing with robotic instrumentation is a plus. At the identical time, he keeps monitor of key assay tendencies and applications to tell new product improvement and strategic steering for enterprise growth, partnering, and collaborative opportunities. Understand and manage the efficiency of your automated liquid handlers, multichannel pipettes, labware, operators, and extra.

Lab managers contemplating the acquisition of an automated liquid handler should think about current wants whereas remaining open to future workflow demands. Labs should question vendors about upgradability and interoperability (particularly with respect to elements already within the lab), assess obtainable literature, and whenever possible put systems through their paces. For Jones-Roe of Beckman Coulter, buy decisions must be based on trusted partnerships with vendors, scientific expertise, product information, and a excessive level of help in hardware, software program, and applications writing. “Whether you’re spending $50,000 or $1 million, can an automation platform develop with your lab?

With more than sixty five years in the trade, we've worked hard to develop, test, and improve our liquid handling methods based mostly on your wants, guaranteeing the reliability of your outcomes. In 2019, our dedication to our liquid dealing with instruments and techniques was rewarded with a Bioz Stars All Star Award in the category of Liquid Handlers.
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