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Is Cheer Instrument an OBM?
Shanghai Cheer Instrument Co., Ltd has some things under our own brands to improve corporate value, for example, centrifuge for lab . For all these parts, we're accountable for everything from manufacturing and production, supply chain, delivery, and promotion. Our firm is a business worthy of focus, dedicated to creating world-class goods and providing services that are personalized. We offer our clients with the maximum quality products in a stylish fashion, which helps us build a strong foothold in the national and worldwide markets.

Cheer Instrument is gradually dominating the hot plate and magnetic stirrer market in China recently, and its sales volume booms in the overseas markets. Cheer Instrument's main products include centrifuge for lab series. explosion proof centrifuge design enhances mini centrifuge's sturdy body structure. Your expert for liquid handling. People can expect this garment to be sturdy enough that they can move without having to worry about ripping seams. Great for liquids mixing.

Adhering to the principle of "wholeheartedly serve every customer", we will invest more in product innovation and improve product quality so as to create more products that cater to customers' demands.
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