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Improve Your Pipetting Accuracy In Just 5 Easy Steps

by:Cheer     2020-10-27

The ali-Q pipette controller is the one pipette aid with a separate perform for performing aliquots. Never earlier than has it been really easy to blow by way of routine aliquoting with this stage of precision.

forty nine mm Adapter Housing for macro Pipette Controllers (Spectrum Cat. No. , , , ). Glass & Plasticware Quality number of science lab glassware designed to deal with accuracy and security.

All of our scales and balances have a broad number of equipment including printers, weights (Cal-Paks™) and knowledge communication. Accessories (including O2 Monitors) We have a large number of LN2 accessories and replacement elements available to soundly, conveniently and efficiently help you in the use of our cryogenic storage systems.

These merchandise are properly constructed and designed to handle a wide range of liquid nitrogen functions that contain major cell cultures, cell traces and tissue. Included in this choice are alarms, liquid withdrawal units, shipping containers and cryogenic apparel. Silicone Adapter for macro Pipette Controllers (Spectrum Cat. No. , , , ). Image(s) are representative of the product group and not essentially the person product. Valve System for macro Pipette Controllers (Spectrum Cat. No. , , , ).

If your wants require a customization beyond our normal furnishings and seating merchandise we will help you in designing a system that will work most effectively for you. Semi/Ultra/Micro Balances Our ultramicro and micro scales and balances from Sartorius are designed to weigh the smallest sample portions while meeting the highest necessities inside any cell and tissue tradition laboratory. These items characteristic a constructed-in digital interface, inner calibration and adjustment as well as the isoCAL internal automatic calibration and adjustment.
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