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How many employees in Cheer Instrument?
Shanghai Cheer Instrument Co., Ltd has established a complete management system composed of different departments. Among them, the number of employees in the R&D, sales and service sectors accounts for about 80% of the total. All employees are the key to achieving their goals. Depending on the business development, the number of employees may increase.

Cheer Instrument focuses on research and development of high-quality stepmate stepper products. Cheer Instrument's hot plate and magnetic stirrer is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. The raw materials of Cheer pipette stand vertical have been extensively tested by the third-party testing organization to ensure that these materials meet the safety standards in the sauna industry. Higher accuracy, Easier use. The product is distinguished by long-term stability. It is isolated from environmental effects such as impact, vibration, high temperature, etc. Ideal for safe & rapid liquid handling.

We have launched our strategy for sustainable growth, setting out our determination to build a sustainable business for the long term. Get more info!
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