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How long it will take for OEM processing?
It will take longer period to manufacture lab dispenser you need compared to the regular one. Before producing, we need to make sure the smooth communication including detailed OEM flow, so that makes it more efficient. After signing the contract, we need to confirm the material, design and sample with customers, then we can conduct the bulk production.

In the fierce market competition, Shanghai Cheer Instrument Co., Ltd survives and stands out of the market based on quality chemical centrifuge. Cheer Instrument's main products include rotator shaker series. All aspects of the product, such as performance, durability, usability, etc., are carefully tested and tested before production and delivery. Designed for a higher level of liquid control. The main benefit of this product is that it offers convenience for people since it enables the portability of devices.

We act responsibly with regard to the environment. By delivering innovative packaging solutions for our customers, we can make our business more sustainable.
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