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Digital Tube Roller Mixer

by:Cheer     2020-11-11

The rollers are simply removable to shortly clear the unit as soon as the samples have been processed. The rollers are detachable in order that larger sample tubes can also be used. The rollers are sturdy and appropriate for steady operation. A particular characteristic is the facet wall, which prevents samples from slipping down – from a safety perspective, it is a bonus.

Roller shaker with 6 or 10 rolls, with easy rocking and rolling motion and a set speed. Particularly for mixing blood samples, stable and liquid suspensions and viscous samples.

The Oxford Lab Products BenchMate (TR6) Digital Tube Roller optimizes mixing of blood and viscous samples. The distinctive design of this digital tube curler includes detachable nylon rollers which may be autoclaved for straightforward cleaning of the digital tube roller.

Roller Mixer RM-500 is your best selection for blending analysis samples corresponding to blood samples. Gently rolling and tilting action prevents the sediment of the specimen to provide the homogenous specimen high quality. Plastic rollers are appropriate to be used with quite a lot of tubes. Roller mixer RM-500 has a widely range of utility.

The unit can be utilized for all standard tubes and cylindrical bottles. The straightforward removable rolls allow easy and quick cleansing of the unit from spilled samples. The Tube Roller Mixers combine samples through the concurrently rolling motion of the tubes and the carried vessels (bottles, test tubes etc.). As the tubes rolling, the vessels are rolling too, inflicting steady mixing of the liquid inside the vessels.

The Digital tube tube roller comes with Brushless DC motor for upkeep free long life. 10 rollers provide a bigger mixing platform than the IKA Roller 6 digital but with all the same great features.

SHCHEER tube rollers present a mild and highly environment friendly rolling motions, perfect for mixing blood samples, viscous substances and liquid-strong suspensions. Used in a variety of applications, such as the prevention of blood coagulation, immune precipitation, and so forth. This 5 roller mixer offers a mild, however highly efficient, rocking and rolling motion. The rollers rotate at 33 rpm and rise and fall 16mm. Units can be used in incubators up to 60ºC and humidity up to eighty%, or in chilly rooms all the way down to fourºC.

It can roll 10 x 50ml centrifuge tubes or 10 x 15ml centrifuge tubes. Recommended for mixing blood samples, viscous substances and liquid/solid suspensions the place minimal aeration is required. Both roller mixers are robustly constructed and designed for easy cleansing. Most sizes of tubes, Bijoux, Universals and bottles may be accommodated. Bio-Rad's rocking platforms, hotplate stirrers, vortexers, and tube rollers present the most commonly used mixing actions for common laboratory use and most experimental workflows.

This Tube Roller offers a gentle but highly environment friendly rocking and rolling motion, best for mixing blood samples, viscous substances and liquid-solid suspensions. Used in a variety of applications, prevention of blood coagulation and immune precipitation, and so on.

The velocity of the rollers is variable between 10 and 60 RPM. Both the BTR5-12V and BTR10-12V mixers can run continuously for many hours unattended. Blood Tube Roller Mixer Digital display & delicate touch keys for simple operation. Rocking & Rolling motion & Pulse mode characteristic with momentary pause ensures efficient mixing of blood samples.
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