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Low Speed Centrifuge

SHCHEER low speed centrifuges are widely used in the separation of serum, plasma, blood samples and other routine application in hospital and research laboratory. DM0412 is also be popular with beauty industrial, salon, dentistry for the PRP and PRF treatment. SHCHEER low speed centrifuge (DM0412 and DM0412S) are CE marked and passed explosion-proof test, to provide you a safe and quiet operating environment. The lid is equipped with electric lid and automatic release function, to save processing time and prevents samples overheating.

SHCHEER TD series low speed centrifuge are with complete steel structure and stainless steel inner cavity, strong and sturdy. TD series centrifuge can store up to 20 programme with programme memory function. Swing out rotor , swing microplate rotor and angle rotor are changeable with tool.

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