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SHCHEER electronic and manual dispenser has excellent chemical resistance, can be fully autoclavable at 121℃ Vapor pressure Max. 500mbar, viscosity max. 500mm2/s, temp. max. 40℃, density max. 2.2g/m3 . Supplied with 5 type of adaptor to be compatible with different size of bottle. Volume range covers: 0.5-5mL, 1.0-10mL, 2.5-25mL, 5.0-50mL. Electronic dispenser is with two dispensing modes, dispenser and stepper function.Automatic bottle top dispenser combines magnetic stirrer with titration process, to make operator getting the satisfactory results easily. Excellent precision & accuracy and excellent chemical compatibility. With 2 modes of Fast and drop-by-drop titration. It has remote control panel to make the operating process without manual disturbance. Widely used in the field of environmental monitoring, pharmaceutical analysis,Food Analysis, etc.

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